3 “Tricks” Employers Can Use to Impress Top Candidates

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Knowing how to attract and impress top candidates in today’s competitive job market is essential for employers looking to fill positions quickly and efficiently. It makes you wonder… with all the competition, how do I make sure your team stands out as the most desirable employer?

Two words: candidate experience.

If you’ve ever questioned how important your recruitment process is, consider these figures regarding poor candidate experience:

  • 72% of job seekers say they have shared a poor experience on sites like Glassdoor, on social media, or directly with a colleague or friend
  • 27% of candidates would “actively discourage” others from applying for a job with that company

Many aspects must be considered when employers prioritize a positive candidate experience during recruitment. Here are 3 “tricks” employers should use to impress top candidates and bring in the best talent available.


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If you take anything out of this article, let it be this – if you think you’re communicating too much with a candidate… you’re not. 

With the rise of social media and job board forums, frequently communicating with potential hires is actually in your best interest. It takes a click of a button for an applicant to share their negative experience with the world and dissuade others from applying to your current and future job postings.

Communication is vital, and it’s just common courtesy at the end of the day. If you’re struggling with how to impress potential hires, take stock of how you’ve been communicating with them. 

Use familiar and appropriate methods

It’s probably safe to say that sending updates to a candidate about their application via snail mail isn’t the most effective method of communication. 

These days, the vast majority of people in all age groups carry a smartphone, meaning that lines of communication like text, phone, and email should be used to your advantage. 

That said, it’s essential to consider how candidates prefer to be communicated with. For example, a millennial job seeker may want to be kept in the loop via text message, whereas an applicant in an older demographic may favour email. 

Asking a potential hire if they have a preferred method of communication shows a high degree of thoughtfulness

Be personal

Nothing feels more impersonal than an automated message. 

Take the time to respond to applicants upon receiving their submission and during waiting periods. You are unlikely the only company that a job seeker applied to. Such personal touches like this keep your business front of mind and impress top candidates. 


If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a job offer, the waiting game can be anxiety-inducing. Respect an applicant’s time by following up, even if there is no new information or update to give them. 

With many job postings getting hundreds of applications, we know that having the time to communicate effectively with candidates can be tricky. That’s where we come in. We give you your time back. Learn more.


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Given the ease of accessibility, qualified job candidates are searching for (and finding) roles faster than ever before. If hiring managers are not committed to a schedule of speed as part of their recruitment strategy, they inevitably miss out on the best talent and an opportunity to impress top candidates.

A staggering 57% of job seekers lose interest in the job if the hiring process takes too long. 

Not only does a delayed recruitment process discourage top talent and leave the door open for competitors to attract them, but it can also have a significant effect on overall business performance.

A Graphic
Text: What does a schedule of speed look like?
Posting: 5 Days
Screening: 3 Days
Interviewing: 2 Days
Hired: 2 Weeks

Decreased Efficiency

Positions left vacant for extended periods can negatively impact existing employees through increased workloads and excess strain, which can lead to poor performance and even burnout. Don’t risk losing good people by having an unnecessarily long, complicated hiring process.  


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When you think about your hiring process, would you describe it as open? Genuine? Honest? Top job candidates appreciate authenticity and can spot attempts to disguise from a mile away. Rather than masking the less “favorable” aspects of the role or the business, make a conscious effort to expose all layers. Respect that employees have the right to make an informed decision, and they can only do so if you open the books to them (so to speak). 

Explain the hiring process

Impress top candidates by walking them through the new hire selection process. Review each step with them and share anticipated dates to know what to expect and when to expect it.

Discuss expectations

Let candidates know exactly what they will be doing day-to-day to envision what the position entails. Disclose the expectation of work upon starting and within three months, six months, and nine months. Should the candidate be selected, this dialogue provides them with milestone dates to keep in mind so that they are empowered to self-evaluate their skill level and growth in the company. 

The discussion should also include: 

  • Operational practices, such as work-from-home programs, etc
  • Flexibility
  • Culture
  • Training
  • Benefits
  • Pay (why would an applicant even bother going through the hiring process if their salary expectations won’t be a fit?) 

Having this conversation on the front end ensures that any potential frustration from the candidate is avoided and there are no surprises for either party later on. 

Discuss challenges

Be open and sincere about what the role entails. If the candidate can expect challenges, it’s not fair to them to sugarcoat it.  

When discussing current difficulties with the role, honesty is the best policy if you want to impress top candidates. Practicing honesty can lead to a better onboarding experience, and it also leaves room for the candidate to decline the role gracefully if they no longer feel that it would be a fit. 

Show them around

Offer to tour applicants around the space to showcase how others operate in the team they’d be working in, should they be successful in receiving a job offer. 

Providing a transparent recruitment experience helps you find the best hires, but it is also a sign to them that they can expect honesty in the role and trust within the company. 

If you want to impress top candidates, you’ll need to know how to invest in your people. Check out What Every Employer Needs To Know About Supporting Employee Growth.

Suitable applicants are hard to attract, and how they were treated throughout the hiring process plays a significant role in their decision-making. Employers who impress top candidates do so by prioritizing a positive recruitment experience through:

  • Effective communication
  • A timely hiring schedule
  • A transparent recruitment process

In today’s fast-paced job market, make sure you put in the work to impress top candidates so you can stand out from the rest as the employer of choice!

Are you wondering how to uncover the potential in your talent pool? Our data-backed recruitment software makes the screening process quick and effective, so you can focus on interviewing candidates that you’re already confident in.

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